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Brown's Music Bus is the premier Music Assembly Program in the Midwest! This fast paced, fun program delivers an exciting, entertaining musical tour!

This multi-award winning production has performed for some of the same schools for over ten years! Each performance is 40-45 minutes long and includes just the right amount of student participation.

Jeff Brown's Music BusThe Music Bus is the perfect synergy of fun and learning! It exposes and explains to both children and adults how the music they listen to today evolved and how it remains the "signature of our culture." Two programs are now available:

Call (219) 465-0638 or send an email today schedule your performance!

Each performance is totally self contained (all that is needed is electricity and children!). Fees are reasonable and vary geographically.

Phone: (219) 465-0638 | Email: BrownJeffC@aol.com